Unleash Your Creativity: Canon RF50mm Lens for Mirrorless Cameras

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Product Description:

The Canon RF50mm F1.8 STM is a prime lens that is lightweight and versatile, specifically engineered for Canon’s full-frame mirrorless cameras. This lens boasts a wide maximum aperture of f/1.8, making it an ideal choice for low-light photography and achieving aesthetically pleasing bokeh. Additionally, the lens possesses a minimum focusing distance of 0.3 meters, enabling the capture of high-detail close-up photographs.

Last updated on June 1, 2024 11:53 am
Unleash Your Creativity: Canon RF50mm Lens for Mirrorless Cameras
Unleash Your Creativity: Canon RF50mm Lens for Mirrorless Cameras



The Canon RF50mm f/1.8 STM Lens is a prime lens that has been specifically designed to be used with the latest Canon EOS R series mirrorless cameras. It is a lightweight and versatile lens that offers a range of features and benefits to the user. This lens is suitable for diverse photography genres, ranging from portraiture to landscape, owing to its impressive image quality and compact size.

The Canon RF50mm f/1.8 STM Lens is notable for its wide maximum aperture of f/1.8, enabling the creation of aesthetically pleasing defocused backgrounds and superior performance in low-light conditions. The optical lens is equipped with a 7-blade circular aperture that aids in producing seamless and authentic bokeh.

The lens is fabricated with a metallic mount and a superior construction, rendering it robust enough to withstand routine usage. Furthermore, the product incorporates Canon’s STM (Stepping Motor) technology, which facilitates rapid and seamless autofocus functionality that is also acoustically imperceptible, rendering it an optimal choice for recording video content.

The lens has received positive feedback from users for its high level of sharpness and superior image quality, especially when utilized in conjunction with Canon’s latest EOS R series mirrorless cameras. In addition to its compact size, the lens exhibits favorable color rendition and contrast, rendering it a suitable accompaniment for photographers who frequently travel.

The absence of image stabilization is a possible drawback of the Canon RF50mm f/1.8 STM Lens. Although not an unusual occurrence for prime lenses, individuals who engage in low-light photography or handheld shooting may need to take this into account.

In general, the Canon RF50mm f/1.8 STM Lens represents a commendable option for Canon EOS R series consumers seeking a reasonably priced, adaptable prime lens that delivers superior quality. Due to its superior image quality, rapid and seamless autofocus, and compact form factor, it is highly likely to gain popularity among photographers across all skill levels.

To summarize, the Canon RF50mm f/1.8 STM Lens presents itself as a suitable alternative for photographers seeking a prime lens that is both adaptable and of superior quality, intended for use with their Canon EOS R series mirrorless camera. The lens’ rapid maximum aperture, superior build, and seamless autofocus render it a superb selection for diverse photography genres. Additionally, its condensed form and reasonable cost make it a feasible alternative for photographers at every skill level.


  • Focal length of 50mm
  • Maximum aperture of f/1.8
  • RF mount for use with Canon mirrorless cameras
  • 7-blade circular aperture
  • Stepping motor (STM) for quiet and smooth autofocus
  • Aspherical lens element for reduced distortion
  • Super Spectra Coating for minimized ghosting and flares


  • Fast and sharp autofocus
  • Excellent image quality with crisp and clear details
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
  • Large aperture for impressive background blur and low-light performance
  • Smooth and silent operation for video recording
  • Affordable price for the quality and features offered


  • Plastic build may not feel as durable as some other lenses
  • No image stabilization, which may be a disadvantage for handheld shooting in low light
  • Some users may prefer a wider or narrower focal length for their photography needs


Overall, the Canon RF50mm F1.8 STM is an excellent lens for photographers looking for a versatile and high-quality prime lens at an affordable price. With its large maximum aperture, fast autofocus, and lightweight design, this lens is perfect for a wide range of photography styles, from portraits to landscapes. However, it does have some limitations, such as a lack of image stabilization and potential chromatic aberration. Nonetheless, for its price, this lens is a great investment for Canon full-frame mirrorless camera users looking to expand their lens collection.

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